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  • Different Types of Traffic Tickets

    traffic in a green neighborhood

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with the traffic do’s, and donts yet, it might be easier to familiarize yourself first with the traffic tickets you should avoid getting as first-time drivers can remember the regulations better this way. There are a lot of traffic tickets that you can get, but the most common ones can be defended by any great lawyer for traffic tickets in Springfield, Missouri or other towns. Therefore, this article will only let you in on the most common types of traffic tickets that people usually get.

    driving fast inside carSpeeding and Careless Driving

    Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry, or you’re doing a thousand things at once in your car, you can accidentally speed up or drive carelessly. This can cause many serious accidents; most people who commit these accidents say that they did it unintentionally without realizing how careless they were.

    To avoid getting this ticket, make sure you are always under 90 km/hour and 100 km/hour if you’re at a highway. Keep your eyes on the road no matter what, and try to find something that keeps you focused such as listening to soft music on the radio and putting your phone in the back seat so that you won’t be tempted to glance at it.


    Getting parking tickets is mostly unintentional, either the owner of the car doesn’t know he/she isn’t supposed to park there, or they think they’ll leave it there for just five minutes and it turns out to be more than that. There’s no way to prevent getting a parking ticket, aside from being more attentive and punctual with your parking. Parking tickets don’t have to stay on your record, though, so if you want it removed, you can have a lawyer do that for you.

    bald man drunk head downDUI/DWI

    Even if DUI is the worst ticket you can get, speeding, careless driving and parking violations still take a backseat to it in terms of tickets people get on a regular basis. A lot of people think that they can drive home after drinking alcohol, no matter how little or how much of an amount that is. Usually, they are just too cheap to pay for a cab, and no one else is there to take them home. Sometimes, they also claim that they didn’t realize they were already driving home.

    To avoid this, always make sure that you tell your friends or people around you to not let you drive if they think you’re under the influence. If you go to a bar alone, let the bartender know that you intend on driving home, so that the bartender will not let you drink too much.…