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  • Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit

    product liability lawsuit

    Defective products have brought about a number of injuries and led to death in some instances. This mostly happens when a consumer uses a specific product declared fit for human use only to experience different problems after its use. You can sue the manufacturer or vendor of that particular product who will be held liable for having a defective product reach the hands of a consumer.

    This is what is commonly known as product liability. Those in the line of supply can also be held liable for any defective product. The different types of product defects include design defects which you will find in a product from the start of manufacturing. Manufacturing defect is the other type which happens during the production process or assembling.

    The last type is marketing defect which is a result of how a product is labeled, poorproduct liability lawsuit packaging, or incorrect instructions. Filing a product liability against a specific manufacturer or vendor will see you get compensated for the loss or damages faced. You may incur a lot in medical costs that come about as a result of the injuries you get from using defective products. There are several things you should know before filing a lawsuit. They include:

    Case Potential

    Understanding the potential of your case before submitting a product liability case is essential. Some of the critical things you should figure out is if you have been injured out of neglect. You must also be in a position to read if you can win the case. Understand the weight of your case. As the injured person, you should be able to prove that indeed your injury came about as a result of using a defective product.

    Hiring a Lawyer

    This is another important step when it comes to filing a product liability case. You should get someone who will represent you in the right way before the court. Get a qualified lawyer who has experience in this type of cases. You should also compare fees between different lawyers and pick one with reasonable charges.

    Length of the Process

    You should also find out how long the hearing process will take from the day you willproduct liability file the case to the final verdict. Some cases may extend to a period of one year or even more. If you are patient for the whole process, then you can wait. Some may opt for a settlement out of court with the person or manufacturer held liable.…